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Limited company «Farmaktiv» as a producer of dry growth mediums for Microbiology (sanitary and clinical microbiology), disks to determine the sensitivity of microorganisms to medicines and potassium tellurite solution, works on the Ukrainian market of medical products from 2010 year.

The main goal of our company is to provide Ukrainian domestic Labs quality growth mediums and diagnostic materials.


"Farmaktiv" LLC is committed to supply the market of medical products of Ukraine only high quality products for laboratory research, meeting all the requirements of the legislation.Our quality management system is a sound basis to enhance our professional capacity, the quality of our products, providing high efficiency of all business and technology processes and output of our company in the leading position in Ukrainian, European market and on the markets of CIS countries.

All the necessary resources, we aim to ensure that our quality policy to create conditions conducive to the production and sale of a wide range of high quality products only for laboratory research.