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Potassium tellurite in Microbiology is used as a selective agent. It inhibits the growth of most gram-positive bacteria, and those that are resistant to it form colonies painted black, due to the recovery of tellurium ion. Solution tellurite potassium is a required component of these environments, such as:

Baird Parker agar base


Chemical composition: Vial of 5 ml contains potassium tellurite (К2ТеО3): 0.05 g to 1%; 0.1 g for 2% or 0.175 g of 3.5%.

Application: Solution tellurite potassium is injected directly into the prepared nutrient medium after sterilization, in an amount stated in the relevant method.

Caution: the Solution tellurite potassium can cause toxicity when in direct contact with the skin and respiratory system. To prevent poisoning it is necessary to use rubber gloves and turn on exhaust ventilation. It is also possible to gain solution tellurite method of puncturing rubber stopper, which sealed the vial with the solution.

In case getting the solution tellurite the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of running water. If you suspect poisoning contact a doctor.